Agricultural producers from Hunedoara County, Romania

Agricultural producers from Hunedoara County, Romania

Shortly said, Corvinia is the first group of fruits and vegetable producers based in Hunedoara county in Romania.

Beyond that, Corvinia is a success story that was born at the foot of Sarmizegetusa and who carries on the reputation of local agricultural producers, a reputation that was inherited from our ancestors of these places, the dacians, a nation that was known in all the ancient world for their products. We strongly believe in what we are doing here, we do it with pleasure and we have lofty ideas.

Our story was born in 2012 during a conversation, when we realized that only together we can achieve the “Western Dream” and, also, only the force of a group with the “passion of the East” can compete in the true sense with the domestic and the foreign market.

From a discussion between two friends till today, we have come a long and not an easy way. At first we were two people – Cosmin and Lucian. Today, Corvinia gathers not less than 28 farmers under its “roof”. These farmers cooperate between them through the same low-cost system.

Together we work with the main four Hypermarket networks in Romania and with resellers that have their own wholesales and distribution system in Hunedoara county, Alba county and Cluj county. Also all of us managed to increase our sales figure by 15% every year. Moreover, in the last three years we significantly diversified our portfolio of products, achieving 25 kinds of fruits and vegetables:

  • Tomatoes
  • cherry tomatoes
  • mini plum tomatoes
  • green tomatoes
  • long cucumbers
  • cornichon cucumbers
  • peppers
  • zucchini
  • eggplant
  • red Kapia peppers
  • green Kapia peppers
  • lettuce
  • green onions
  • dill
  • parsley
  • cabbage
  • butternut squash
  • white potato
  • red potato
  • dry yellow onion
  • turnip
  • beets
  • corn
  • raspberries
  • blackberries

Corvinia managed to gather more people under one umbrella – and we all draw the same cart. We want to attract more members and we want to support farmers to access European funds to extend the area covered by greenhouses and solariums. Also we want in the not too distant future to become the leading selling solution providers to farmers in Hunedoara county (and beyond).

We want to integrate new solutions for cultivation (maintaining quality products and using the accumulated know-how), to create a logistics center in Hunedoara and start a diversified sales solutions series for our group members.

As we said, we have big dreams – and the most important thing is that we work together to translate everything into reality. We are a strong group, we offer fresh and good products and we believe in total transparency and the power of examples.

You find us in the oldest part of Romania, working hard to achieve our goals.

We are Corvinia. With passion for the soil. With love for people.

Date fiscale: Grup Prod Corvinia SRL, Calea Zarandului, nr. 55, Deva, jud. Hunedoara CUI: RO 29908349, NRC: J20/220/2012